Happy Nurses Week Everyone!

I’m officially 1/2 way through my nursing program and I cannot wait to join this wonderful profession in ~214 days (I’m not counting down or anything).

This post is short, but I wanted to give some appreciation to this group of awesome men and women! Here are some examples of how strong this profession is:

  • My first clinical this year the nurse I was following had the roughest morning. Among other things she was late, and then was assigned a group of difficult patients. One of whom was not doing so hot. She cried within the first 5 minutes I met her, but then sucked those tears up and rocked the day away. She was an awesome nurse!
  • The woman who made me fall in love with Labor and Delivery went from crying about one case that I previously mentioned, and then went on to be a champion nurse coaching a woman through a very dramatic adoption birth. 
  • One nurse I followed was absolutely amazing, down to earth, and just sunshine and rainbows. All of her patients hated her that day. I have no idea why, but she just got the luck of the draw I guess. She had 5 patients and families yelling at her before it had even hit 1000. Somehow she was able to keep the pep in her step and not let any of it get to her.

Basically, these humans put up with a lot, they see a lot, they do a lot, the job alone is A LOT. Nurses are like really nice butlers (kind of) except they care way more and have to do and see way more- that was a bad analogy, oh well. 

Either way, next time you encounter a nurse show them a little extra love, because they’re showing you a whole world of love by wiping your butt when you can’t control your bowel movements. 

Deuces- no pun intended.



TBT to the time in lab that I spilled fake pee everywhere… and when I say everywhere it was EVERYWHERE.





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