Pray for the Nurses

This seriously resonates with me right now! I want so badly to be on an L&D unit and today seeing some itty bitty babies was so heart breaking, but at the same time those little guys and gals are fighting so hard! I just want to stand there and whisper/cheer quietly, “Go Babies Go!!”

Words of Random Wisdom

I’ve been a “real life nurse” for a month now. Wow… This month has been a whirlwind. Since when do people let me start IVs, give medications, and {almost} deliver babies on my own?!?

One of my best friends started her first, big-girl nursing job the same day as me, but different hospital. We are close because in so many ways we are the same, but in so many ways we are also different. For instance, our choice of nursing units we want to specialize in. I chose Labor & Delivery. She chose Oncology. We have often said that I am the reminder of the happiness that new life can bring, while she is the reminder that all good things must end.

Depressing right?

Unfortunately, no. Reality.

One of my first days on the floor I texted her and said, “I’m about to hold a 24 week baby that died.”…

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