I’m Still Here….Nursing School Is Just Taking Over

Hey all,

I haven’t posted in awhile because my plans in life changed. Last minute in July I decided I was going to accept admission to an Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing program. It’s been quite the change.

It’s been fun, but very intense and I haven’t had time to post or write because I’m busy learning how to save lives. They have our schedule very packed, but that’s what I signed up for! I started in August and will be done Dec 2016 and then I will officially be Faceless Fitness, RN, BSN!!

Woah…I’ve never said that before. Weird and almost unbelievable.

Other fun facts about my change in life are that I work at a place called World of Beer, so I have learned so much about beer, which if you know me you know I enjoy learning about how it’s made.

I miss writing new posts for this, but I will be back soon! I might make a few changes and maybe write about some more nursing topics too.

Please stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten about this and I still want to inspire and motivate people to find their passions in life and just be happy 🙂




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