How many times have you been in the middle of a horrible workout, or horrible day and you feel like you just can’t possibly make it to the end?

For me, it happens all the time especially when I’m running. Running is one of my least favorite things to do, BUT I’m going to try to love it! I’m gonna do it for myself, and to show you all that you can love an exercise that you used to hate.

Yesterday, I was running outside for the first time in a long time. It was so beautiful out so I just had to take advantage of it! I got my gear and planned a route that seemed easy enough….WRONG. Stupid me forgot that this wasn’t my flat hometown. This was the mountains. MOUNTAINS. MOUNT-AINS. HUGE HILLS. DEATH TRAPS. Places in the world that God put there to laugh at us while we struggle to run up them (or if you’re me, fall down them).

You get it. I don’t like running here, nor there, not anywhere. I hate it because my little legs don’t carry me up hills well or in general. I also sound like I need an O2 tank when I run. The altitude change from my hometown to here is large, and I clearly don’t know how to breathe normally.

IMG_0637 copySo, stupid little me starts to run. I begin to hit a few small hills and realize WOW I’m an idiot this route has two LARGE and IN CHARGE hills.On.The.Way.Back. What was I thinking?

I decided that I had already committed to the run and had to follow through. There’s also no one telling me that I can’t walk – which, I did more times than I would like to, but hey I don’t think the really nice, rich neighborhood I was running in wanted a half-dressed girl throwing up on their Hydrangeas. Walking was ok in my mind so I did.

I began to see the death trap that I had to run up and instantly wanted to puke just thinking about running up it.

I turned on a pump up song and began to jog a little harder than I was. When I started to hit the incline I could feel my legs screaming at me. My legs yell mean things at me so to overpower them I began cheering for myself to make it up the hill. People probably thought I had some issues, but whatever, I was running up this stupid hill and nothing was going to stop me.

Once I made it to the top I was greeted by this beautiful view. It was breathtaking and I didn’t have any breath to take!

Making it to the top of that hill was so challenging, but sometimes you have to push yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Mind.Over.Matter.There will also be moments when you have to listen to your body. It’s a balance. When your legs say no I’m tired and don’t wanna, your mind needs to say yes we are gonna stop being a whimp. When your lungs or stomach say no you need to walk you’re going to pass out or make someone really upset that you threw up on their hydrangeas, then you should listen and walk for a little bit. That doesn’t mean cop-out and walk the rest, it means walk until you think you can continue on your way safely.

When you think you can’t do it, cheer for yourself. Be your own cheerleader because it really works. That’s how I got up the hill, and that’s how you can too! I also use it during my rough days at school. I smile and tell myself that I will get through it. Smiling really does help make your day a little better – try it sometime

2, 4, 6, 8 WHO DO WE APPRECIATE? Ourselves!!! Love yourself and appreciate that you are given this awesome life to do awesome things in. Conquer the obstacles with some pep in your step! I know you can do it! And if you think you can’t I’ll be your personal cheerleader!!!

You’ve got this! Get out there and conquer the world!



I worked way too hard on this.

I worked way too hard on this.


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