I’m Not Landlocked I’m Wall Locked

My last semester of undergrad is quickly winding down. AHHHH!

This means that a lot of my time is being put towards assignments, projects, and events that I’m part of, while very little time is being put towards the gym. What’s funny is I’m a Kinesiology major and can make a workout for anyone…but myself. If I make my own workout I get bored, or distracted, or I avoid the movements that I hate. I also spend WAY too much time putzin’ around wasting time.

This is where the wonderful boyfriend comes in.

I like to put his knowledge of CrossFit to good use. It challenges him and keeps me from doing dumb workouts that I’ve made up. He is very lucky that he has such wonderful and knowledgable coaches teaching him workout planning properly. So why let that information go to waste?! I pretty much have my own personal trainer and he’s FREE!

So far here are some beautiful things that I have learned about CrossFit.

Workouts can be as long or as short as you want them and they can be done anywhere! ❤

Because I am so busy right now I don’t have a lot of time for the gym, but I still want to get my heart pumpin’ and have a study break. The other horrible thing about this last month of school is that I am “wall locked” 

Definition: Wall Locked- /wôl/ /läk/ verb? adj? You aren’t land locked, you are wall locked. You are locked in your room or a room because you are a student and you have to study your life away or you become  the weakest link, get voted off the island, Fired!, CHOPPED!, not America’s Next Top Model, sashay away….basically the 4 walls (or more) haunt you.

Yeah, I’m aware that I used the word in the definition, but this is how my head works. Anyways, because I am wall locked I don’t have a lot of time to leave my house to go to the overly crowded apartment gym and stand around doing nothing. So, I just write a nice little text to the bf and ask him to make me a workout that takes like point 5 minutes.

This is how my point 5 minute workout would go:

Sit on the floor in my room, do like 20 sit ups and 5 push ups and get bored and then not finish the rest of what I planned. AKA not productive.

Here’s the workout the awesome bf made me:

10 rounds

10 push ups 

10 air squats

20 walking sit ups

It took me about 14 minutes and I hated it all (in a good way). Try it some time if you only have a few minutes to spare.

I know sometimes it can challenging to take a break from studies and do a workout. Trust me, it stresses me out so badly, but after the workout I feel wonderful. Working out is a stress reliever and if you are stuck studying for days on end, you are going to eventually need a mental break or you’re going to burn out. It’s tough, but I know you can do it!!

Trying to catch my breath, but failing.

Trying to catch my breath, but failing.

It’s all worth it.

Check out Instagram for a video! @faceless__fitness

Love you guys!!!



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