Happily Hydrated

“There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.” – Chris Rock

Ehhh.. Not quite Mr. Rock we need WAY more than 3 things. Why do you think most women take 3+ suitcases on vacations? 😉

However, Chris Rock is right about water. We all need water to survive. Water is so important in our bodies because it does so many different things! I love waking up and drinking a really REALLY cold glass of water. That’s the only kind I like. Drinking water is one of the things that I struggle with the most. My New Year’s resolution has been to drink more water. I’ve been semi-good at it, but there are days that I definitely don’t drink the recommended 64 ounces.

Here are some cool water facts that I’ve learned in my classes:

  • 60-70% of your body is water (this number varies based on age and gender).
  • It helps lubricate the joints in your body, which is important so that your bones can glide nicely in the joint.
  • Water helps push wastes out of your body through the urination process- Remember this! Don’t let wastes/toxins in your body build up because it’s a bad time.
  • The brain needs it for many different functions. Side note the brain is absolutely fascinating.
  • Some headaches are related to dehydration- So stay hydrated humans because headaches are the worst!
  • You can obtain water from certain foods, especially fruits and veggies

Bottomline, water is a very important tool for your body. It does so many different things in the body and that is why it is so important to drink a lot of water. Like I said before I have a hard time remembering to drink water. I was so bad at drinking water (or fluids for that matter) that my kidneys peaced out on me. That kidney infection was hands down one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life. So shoutout to my kidneys for making me drink more water. I hate you so much for doing that to me, but you made me better so thanks.

Do it for the kids!

I hope you laughed because I’m pretty proud of that one.

Set yourself up for success throughout your day. Wake up and have a cup in your bathroom or on your bed side table so that you drink water right when you wake up. This starts your system off right. The other great thing about this cup is it will still be there when you need water before bed! During the day always carry a water bottle with you so you have no excuse to not stay hydrated. Also set alarms on your phone or Fitbit (if you have one) or something so that you have little reminders throughout the day.

If you’re lucky enough take a quick break from your day and enjoy a breathtaking view with a refreshing glass of water!



Let me know if you have any other cool water facts or tips on staying hydrated!

5 thoughts on “Happily Hydrated

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  2. Love your posts <333
    I especially like adding fruits to my water, such as cucumbers, oranges, lemons, and mints to help speed up metabolism and detoxifying some of the bad toxins in your body!

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